“This is too distracting the.”Sea Feifei said,” You’re still a change of clothes, so I can not take you in.”


  But Han Zhen three test out around all the time with people, they sometimes bad start, picked up until the last few days before the opportunity.See a Malay ex initiative alone, there was the idea, taking advantage of people not prepared to put the person to a quiet little place to start.


  Silence, the light boat Pei sucked orange fruit drink or two, and suddenly realized that Osmond’s performance just a little strange.


  But now even the opportunity she had no contact with the emperor, Yin Lan almost hate the so-called Luo princess, but that she cross into a thick stick, she was so depressed you need it now?When she became a concubine of Emperor Raiders, be sure to let the princess to please her knees Queen.


  There could be heard until after midnight sanitation workers sweeping the sound of rushing on the street outside, Zhao orange drowsily sleep in the past.Morning was awakened out of vehicles and pedestrians, Zhao orange dry eyes sore, but still up and clean up the ground floor.


  Lu Guangyuan grinned, waved their red: “the day after tomorrow to see.”


Americans also shed tears when distressed, it is no wonder little Duke see color spur of the moment.


  ”Early Qing, how you’ve been distracted.”When the bell rang, Gao Yan came up to close friends, the hand on the other’s forehead, but after the test finished temperature wrinkle on his brow, feel a little strange,” I did not have a fever ah?”


  ”However, the system, I am now the level is relatively low, to how to upgrade?”


  The one to say never compromise, but the next second obediently nodded and said yes.